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Wow LiveJournal looks so modernized and shiny now. I kind of like it, it feels like LJ is getting a clean update while at the same time differentiating itself from tumblr by being a little escape from all the hubbub.
In other news, I did some voice acting for a G1 my Little pony radio play fanfic thingahmabob that's starting up. I really hope they like it. I'm actually terrible at acting on stage but just using my voice, it's like flexing another muscle entirely, at least as my stage fright goes. The trouble is they didn't give me any notes about how they wanted the characters acted as so I had to wing it. They kind of gave one of the ponies this weird Boston accent I just couldn't get.
Oh well I tried my best :)
I'm getting back to sort of drawing whenever I feel like here at this tumblr if anyone here wants to follow me. Fair warning, some of my crack ships will be drawn there, but all in all even though I ship some odd things I'm actually very tame about it compared to a lot of fans I've found out. Funny how that goes, the internet really has changed in the last 15 years. I'm not always sure it for the better to be honest XD
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Writing/dark and stormy night

It looks like rain outside

I'm dictating this right now and using Dragon NaturallySpeaking ten and windows 8. It was a long hard battle to get this to recognize my voice. Part of the reason is I am using this with the built-in microphone versus a headset like I usually used to use. It seems to think I have an accent but I guess that's just one of those things. You can't really tell if you have an accent but everybody else can. A computer would be stricter than most considering it's mainly looking for the kind of words that would logically go next in a sentence versus actually understanding them.
I have semi-given up national novel writing month although I may make a last push to at least get 10,000 words before the month is over. It's not really a big letdown to me considering I've never once won national novel writing month to begin with. I guess for me it's more about the energy of the month than the actual winning. Part of the reason may be to get the closest I've ever gotten to winning was 35,000 words, and somehow having that amount of words that I just pushed out unedited into the world to have to deal with after the fact... Didn't make me feel like I truly accomplished what I set out to. I'd like to imagine that that's how many traditional editors feel having to deal with the slush pile that comes in, only in first draft 'my gosh why did I write that?' form. Honestly nanowrimo feels a little like being drunk and writing and I never really did like the feeling of being drunk...
But anyway good luck to all of you still in it to win it :-)!I believe in you!
Also I hope that this demonstration of Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 (Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12 actually didn't work with Windows 8 surprisingly, and this version is much cheaper ) can help somebody in deciding if they want to purchase it someday. I'd imagine besides disabilities\learning difficulties like my cerebral palsy and dyslexia, it would be a big help to people with arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome.

Started a video game shop on Amazon...

Under the name BubblegumUnicorn and I've made quite a bit selling games I don't play anymore/and/or am going to get on PSP (I finally got a PSP very cheap can you believe it?). I'm most likely going to be able to get a PS3 next month with said shop money.
That's how it works most of the time with me and systems, when they become outdated is normally when I can finally afford them...
I have many fandoms I'm a part of, and in the next months Pokemon is starting to come back in a big way...

In other news, here is a kitten video because ..does there need to be a reason XD?

On the tablet front...

I've finally decided I just can't draw from the get go with a tablet. I can trace a sketch I did on paper but I'm just not feeling the whole 'start from nothing' method that is really common on DA now. If I did it would take ten plus years of hard work to get my hand/eye link up to where I have it on paper even now. This isn't to say that I am amazing or anything on paper as it is, only that my mind has half a clue what my hand is doing when it comes to basic shapes and I guess I don't have it in me to relearn that...You guys that can do that are so amazing, really :D

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Sometimes the fact that I can’t ever picture being too busy with life to write\draw fandom things makes me feel like a big loser at said life living.
College= still made things
With boyfriends over years= still made things
When I get married someday= Will most likely drag him into it to
..Now that I think of it I guess I've been making things for so long for different fandoms that unchanging factor of geekdom is how I deal with change. It's like an old friend that never ages, even when I do :)

Edit again: And don't worry I'm not the sort of fan who drags people into something if they don't want to or names their future baby a fandom name. I may be geeky but I'm not quite that level of it..