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Vista replacing Windows XP

Per the Microsoft® Windows Life-Cycle policy, Direct OEM and Retail License Availability for Windows XP will End-Of-Life (EOL) on June 30, 2008. To meet Microsoft’s June 30 last-day-to-ship OEM Windows XP deadline, June 18 is the last time to purchase a Dell laptop, desktop, or workstation with an OEM Windows XP license.

After June 18th you have the option to purchase Windows Vista Business or Windows Vista Ultimate with a downgrade service to Windows XP Professional.

This option will be available on XPS 630, 720 H2C, and M1730 systems. After June 18th, Windows XP will no longer be offered on currently available Inspiron laptops and desktops.

Foo :P. But I guess I can still get a PC with XP someday on Ebay if I really need to :)

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